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  • Multi-day wilderness canoe camping tours

  • Fully outfitted with gear, meals, & guide

  • Rivers kept secret to protect the unspoiled nature

  • October - April

In The News

Want to know what one of our weekend canoe camping excursions is like? Country Roads Magazine published a great article after spending a weekend with BD Markey on the river.

Screen Shot 2023-02-07 at 2.56.32 PM.png

About Us specializes in overnight canoe camping on some of the most remote rivers in The Deep South. Our immersive tours let you experience one of America's last unaltered river ecosystem first-hand. During your trip, you will learn about the ecology, biodiversity, & history of the river


Experience the beauty of a river canoe camping experience.

“There is nothing like a downriver trip. You see the ecosystem unfold, from small creek to wide waterway.”
-Ernest Herndon
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