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Wildlife & Safety

Alligators and Snakes and Bears, Oh My!


We are going on an outdoor wilderness adventure where we will be visitors to a world that humans do not control. It will be our responsibility, as visitors to this world, to grant wildlife all the respect and space they deserve. Depending on the season and specific river trip we may encounter anything from venomous snakes, black bear, wild boars, and alligators.


Our guides have thousands of hours of outdoor experience and the knowledge of how to react to any wildlife encounter. We always grant respect and offer space to any wildlife we encounter. In the thousands of miles (yes, thousands of miles) of paddling and camping I can recall many amazing encounters and exactly ZERO negative wildlife encounters.


Attacks by wild animals on humans are exceedingly rare. Alligators, wild boar, black bear, and venomous snakes all recognize humans as a predator to avoid. These animals generally try to avoid our presence. The very few injuries that occur each year are almost always in part the fault of the human and totally avoidable.


Very simple rules of behavior can minimize our risk of a negative interaction. We are always aware of our surroundings, walk slowly and deliberately in the forest, set up camp before dark, always keep food stored securely, and always choose campsites with plenty of open space.


If and when we do see a wild animal we grant that animal the respect it demands. It is an honor to be in the presence of a wild animal in their natural habitat. It is a special once in a lifetime experience. Never ever approach the animal. If they are moving toward us we will back away or slowly change directions to not cross paths. If the animal still is unaware of our presence, we will use any means available to make noise. Banging paddles, clapping hands, shouting are all great options.

“There are many ways to salvation, and one of them is to follow a river.”
- Davi Brower
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