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Guided Canoe Tours specializes in fully supported multi-day canoe camping trips in the Pascagoula Watershed. Our immersive tours let you experience one of America's last unaltered river ecosystem first-hand. During your trip, you will learn about the ecology, biodiversity, and history of the Pascagoula Watershed.


Days are spent surrounded by nature, floating the river and preparing great meals on shore. Nights are spent swapping stories around a campfire and sleeping under a canopy of stars. (In your own tent, of course.)

All tours depart from New Orleans. The launch locations on the Pascagoula watershed are approximately two-and-a-half hours east of New Orleans. We return to New Orleans in the afternoon of the last day.

“Too few people allow themselves to go on an adventure. But those who do … know how beneficial the experience is. Extended time on the water… that sense of river time has a way of changing us forever.”
- Dave Shively
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