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What You Should Bring

Guest bring their own personal gear

  • Hygiene items: tooth brush, deodorant, any medications, etc. If you choose to bring soap, please only bring biodegradable soaps such as Dr Bronner's

  • Clothing: water shoes or sandals, synthetic clothing (not cotton) for days on the water. Long pants and light jacket (of any material) for the evening on dry land. A warm hat and warm pair of socks is a great comfort.

  • Pack a small towel and bathing suit if you intend on swimming or bathing.

  • Details: sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, bug spray. A personal water bottle.

  • Alcohol: Something to unwind and enjoy responsibly after the day on the water. Please only in plastic or metal containers. Glass is not allowed on the river for safety reasons

  • Remember, all gear should be able to fit in the 30 liter dry bags (about the size of a kitchen garbage bag) and the two small 4 liter dry bags that are provided.

“I think it an invaluable advantage to be in the neighborhood of some grand and noble object in nature: a river. We make a friendship with it; we in a manner ally ourselves with it for life.”
-Washington Irving
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