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Park Ranger wrap up

Had a wonderful season on the Green and Yampa Rivers. My season with the National Park Service was great as always. Highlights were the many multi day raft trips down two amazing rivers through a federally designated wilderness area.

The Yampa is a spectacular remote river with 1,000 ft canyon walls. The Green has a long rich history from native Americans, fur trappers like William Ashley in the 1820s. Gold rush fools in the 1850s, John Wesley Powell in 1869. In fact it wasn't until John Wesley Powell wrote about his adventure that folks began to believe the Green was even runnable. Even then, many did not know exactly where it went. The Ute ppl, the most populous tribe in the area, did not use the river. they warned both William Manly and subsequent travelers NOT to try.

Come explore some great rivers w me this autumn. I will be back down south to canoe and kayak some of my favorite rivers in the world this November and December.

All the trips are four days and three nights on a spectacular river. Sleeping under the stars, eating great meals, and meeting amazing people. All the tours are fully outfitted with all gear, equipment, food, and me as your guide :)

Season Trips:

November 5-8 Full Moon & Yoga Tour (Sat-Tues. Vegetarian Menu)

November 11-14 Queer Centric Tour (Fri-Mon)

November 18-21 Geology Tour (Fri-Mon)

December 4-7 Full Moon (Sunday - Wends)

December 9-12 BIPOC (Fri-Mon)

December 16-18 3 Day Yoga Tour (Fri-Sun. Vegetarian menu)

December 30-Jan 2 New Years Eve Tour (Fri-Mon)

As always if you have questions or ideas about the trips shoot me a message here w the contact form or on Instagram @bd_markey

Hope to see you on the river,

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