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Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Lots of new folxs on the mailing list recently on here. Hope to meet you all in person some day. for now let me introduce myself. Rivers are my passion in life. More specifically, getting folx on the river and connected w nature. I am a Park Ranger who works outta town six months a year. When I'm in New Orleans (November-ish till April-ish) I lead multi day canoe camping trips. We paddle some of the most peaceful and unspoiled rivers in the country. A lil about me: I'm a reformed whitewater raft guide, cofounded the Bayou Boogaloo Canoe Race, and once kayaked the Mississippi River from Minnesota to New Orleans. What else... I like gallery openings, my sweet mutt Sta'bubu, and 90's gangster rap.

All the tours are four days and three nights. All the tours are fully outfitted with all gear, equipment, food, and me as your guide :)

As always if you have questions or ideas about the trips just shoot me a message here w the contact form or on Instagram under bd_markey

See you on the river,

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