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Pooping in the woods

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Many first time campers are concerned with this detail. Its actually quite easy. Good camper etiquette has a few rules. Always choose a spot 100 ft from campsites and 200 feet from water sources. Dig a small hole 6 inches deep down into the soil. Each camper is provided with a small metal trowel for the entire trip. You can choose to squat, hold a walking stick for support, or even sit with your bum past a fallen log. Whatever feels the most comfortable to you. You can use soft leaves, vegetation, even pine cones to clean yourself. Once done, cover your solid waste with organic material.

Toilet paper can take years to decompose in the forest. During that time, it is likely to be dug up by critters or otherwise exposed. For that reason, toilet paper is not encouraged. We practice strict Leave No Trace principles. So, if toilet paper is used, a small zip lock bag for each day and a second larger zip lock bag is required to hygienically store the used toilet paper. It can be properly disposed of after the trip.

The most important things to remember are to always protect the health of the forest and water quality of the river by digging a hole 6 inches deep and staying back 200 feet from the river's edge.

As always if you have questions or ideas about the trips shoot me a message here w the contact form or on Instagram @bd_markey

See you on the river,

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