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Season review

Y'all, I couldn't be more satisfied or more humbled. The first season of Guided Canoe Tours .com is in the books! We ended up having five amazing tours this year. So grateful for the folks who trusted me and came on these trips. There are some new ideas for improvement next year.

Helping folks experience nature up close has been a passion if mine for a long time. It wasn't till recently that I believed I could make a career out if it. Spring of 2021 gave me the chance to finally lead tours. I'm still kinda blown away by the fact that it all happened and went so well. (Maybe that's why it's taken me months to finally put this blog post out lol)

This season we went out to the rivers five times. Five life changing trips with amazing people. Five trips living IN nature. We paddeled down three different rivers in the Pascagoula. (as you know, I don't name or identify which rivers. I want to protect the remote solitude there). Each trip was special because of different iteneraries, weather, water flow, etc. But the main variable that made the trips was the people !

The trips were made up of friends, and friends of friends, and total strangers. People took a leap of faith and trusted me w four days of wilderness. So grateful for that responsibility. So grateful to have spent that time together and shared our stories. People really bond on wilderness trips and I cherish the last day when guests are eagerly sharing contact info w each other !

I've been processing all the events, ideas, and ppl who made spring 2021 season possible. This off season is being spent focusing on improvements. So many ideas small to large came from guests, other folks in the guiding community, and randos who I meet at parties. Some main projects for this off season will be developing a better online presence, figuring out marketing, and reaching customers

Thank you to everyone who came on a trip, who gave me ideas, who helped launch this dream, and who continue to support me. I hope I get to see more of you on the river this autumn 2021 and spring 2022.

All the best, BD

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