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Why so secret ?

You probably noticed I do not release any specific details about the location of these trips. That is because I consider these rivers almost sacred. They are unspoiled, peaceful, remote, and mostly untraveled. We often do not see more than one or two other boats, usually fisherman out in the early morning. I feel an obligation to the rivers to keep them protected from hoards of visitors.

Many folks, especially outdoor enthusiast from New Orleans, are familiar with Black Creek. It is a great river. It has a smooth current, beautiful scenery, and plenty of beaches for camping. However it is SWARMING with people. When I go there to canoe (2.5 hours from New Orleans) I usually see at least one group of friends or neighbors from New Orleans. Fun, but not remote. I do not want the special rivers we paddle to become like Black Creek.

What I can tell you is that South East Mississippi has the benefit of low population and geographical isolation from large cities. The trips are in the Pascagoula River Watershed. This watershed has 11 major tributaries that drain a land area of almost 10,000 square miles. Of the incredible 15,000 miles of streams just 750 miles are deep enough with year round flow to make for great canoe trips. offers tours on the best sections of a few of these amazing rivers.

When you book a trip please consider yourself privy to a sacred secret. Once you are on the water you will understand just how special these rivers are. I sincerely hope you will protect their nature and guard their secret.

All the tours are four days and three nights. All the tours are fully outfitted with all gear, equipment, food, and me as your guide :)

As always if you have questions or ideas about the trips shoot me a message here w the contact form or on Instagram under bd_markey

See you on the river,

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