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Yoga and Stretching

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

When you are out on a canoe camping trip like this it is important to treat your body well. On these trips we paddle the canoes about 6-10 miles each day. We proceed at a gently pace so we can enjoy the scenery and each others company. A few posts back I talked about the importance of eating well. Now lets talk about keeping your body limber and loose.

Stretching and yoga keep us limber, loose, and help prevent injury. That is why each morning we have a simple yoga session before we get back on the river. You want to get back into the canoes and continue the canoe camping trip nice and comfortable. You do not need any yoga experience or special yoga pants. this is not some yoga studio lol. Simple exercises, simple poses, simple stretches is all it takes to keep us loose and limber.

Stretching on a canoe camping trip is important. Important for our bodies, our health and for our spirit and mind. I hope you enjoy the magic of a lil morning yoga on a soft sandy beach on the edge of a forest, looking at and listening to the sounds of flowing water.

All the tours are four days and three nights. All the tours are fully outfitted with all gear, equipment, food, and me as your guide :)

As always if you have questions or ideas about the trips just shoot me a message here w the contact form or on Instagram under bd_markey

See you on the river,

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